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Original creations of

Ceramics, pottery and fine art paintings


in La Chapelle-des-Pots, Charente-Maritime, France

as of 1954, and formerly at Portes-en-Ré, Île-de-Ré (1954-2000)


* New in 2020 * : some of my ceramics are on sale at Fontdouce Abbey, located between Saint Bris-des-Bois and the town of Burie.

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Video extract of my passage on France 3 région Nouvelle Aquitaine in the TV show Itinéraires bis
presented by Frédéric Cartaud, Cédric Cottaz et Aurélie Grignard
extraits video sur ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD
(from 1 minutes 45 seconds)
also visible on Youtube…

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I have since 2019 the French qualification of Artisan d'Art Céramiste issued by the French Chambers of Trades and Crafts
Artisan d'art céramiste
I am also a Professional Painter on canvas, ceramic panels, ....


Scheduled opening times

of my gallery shop vary according to the season and the news.

From October 2021 open every Saturday from 10h30 to 12h30 and 12h15 to 17h30 and to simplify our organizations, by appointment possible during the week if you cannot come on Saturdays because currently I reserve the week to create my ceramics, pottery, paintings, ....

+ don't forget the COVID19 barrier gestures.

(conditions subject to change du to Covid 19)

horloge d'horaire

Come to Atelier RENÉ RENAUD

I am located in the main street which crosses the famous village of La Chapelle-des-Pots (17100), at 36 rue de la République.

I do not do mail order sales, so you have to come to my shop where I exhibit and sell my available creations directly.
or at Fontdouce Abbey, 7 km away and where I have some of my ceramics for sale at the reception,
or during an exhibition outside my shop that I do, exhibition announced on the My gallery page and on my social networks.

Private parking in front of the shop and many other places in the village, especially for motorhomes, ...

Warning : like all shops and establishments open to the public, I have a limited capacity for simultaneous reception. Due to the confiments, it is currently 2 peoples simultaneously.

If you come in a group, thank you for informing me in advance of your arrival and especially for making the number of sub-groups necessary to respect this limit per visit, as well as the other Covid19 health conditions currently exposed above and on my front door shop.

My coordinates for your GPS:
GPS approached: 45.76 North 0.54 West
precise: lat. 45.759913 long. -0.539513
45 ° 45'35.7 '' North 0 ° 32'22.2 '' West
Plus code: QF56 + X6 La Chapelle-des-Pots

I'm on Apple Plans,
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Localisation de l'ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD sur le Open Strret Map

Preview Google Map:
Localisation de l'ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD sur le service Google Map
(Note: Google Street View is not up to date)

By car, camper, van, bus, coach, motorbike, horse, bicycle, and even on foot as in the days of the French illustrious Bernard Palissy who came from Saintes to practice ceramics, the village is accessible by several roads from Saintes (~ 7km), Cognac (~ 19 km), Saint Jean d'Angely (~ 20 km): D131, D233E1, D150, D129, N141, E603, RCE, by the Grande Randonée path n°4 (from Royan (~ 45 km) to Grasse ). Exit 35 of the A10 / E5 motorway (Paris bordeaux) is 12 km away. The Saintes-Thenac aerodromes : 17 km, Cognac: 28 km, La Rochelle airport : 90 km, Bordeaux : 140 km. The nautical halts of the river ports of Chaniers: 6 km, Saintes at 8km, Port d'envaux and Saint Savinien-sur-Charente are the closest.

ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD location in the village, between Saintes and Cognac
ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD: between Saintes and Cognac, location in the village

ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD: entrance to the shop
Entrance view of my gallery workshop

ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD:Coming from rue de l'Eglise, from Saintes, Chaniers, Cognac, A10, Royan, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Paris, ... or simply from the TerraAventura circuit
Coming from rue de l'Eglise, from Saintes, Chaniers, Cognac, A10, Royan, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Paris, ... or simply from the TerraAventura circuit called Little potter is my job which passes 45m away from ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD without notifying me.

ATELIER RENÉ RENAUD: Coming from Saint Bris des Bois, Saint Césaire, Saint Sauvant, Paléosite, Burie, Matha, ...
Coming from Saint Bris des Bois, Saint Césaire, Saint Sauvant, Paléosite, Burie, Matha, ...



kim . atelierrenerenaud orange .   fr  (please join, this writing keeps me from spam )

at 05 46 91 50 60
International +33 546 91 50 60

By letter:   
Atelier René RENAUD
36 rue de la république
F17100 La Chapelle des Pots France

45°45'35,7'' N 0°32'22,2'' O
lat. 45.759913 long. -0.539513
and on Openstreetmap, Google Map, Apple Plans...


Short story of the workshop

My grandfather René Renaud (1907-1991), painter and ceramist who made his painter career in Paris, but originally from the Ile de Ré, created in 1947 his first workshop of decorated ceramics in a former family winery in the Ile-de-Ré village of les Portes-en-Ré, 5 place de la Liberté.

In 1954 he created his second workshop at Chapelle-des-Pots village where he was the first to make ceramics again since the 1930s. More details on the village of La Chapelle-des-Pots in my publication: Potters and Ceramists of village of La Chapelle-des-Pots.

In 1956 he created another workshop in Meschers-sur-Gironde, 37 rue Paul-Massy in another family home. This workshop will be closed in 1967 but there remains his ceramic map for his workshop sign on the facade of this former workshop, visible without moving thanks to Google View . The workshop of les Portes-en-Ré will be closed at the end of 2000 by his daughters at the end of their career, the La Chapelle-des-Pots workshop remaining open.

Myself, Kim René Renaud, grandson of the founder, I continue in professional the ceramic creations so characteristic of the workshop with the typical fumorous drawings of the workshop, the landscapes, the birds, the flowers, the marine themes , nickname dishes, maps of the islands of Ré, Oléron, Charente Maritime, ...
on tiles, decorative plates, dishes, pots, vases and other shapes, as well as table tops in ceramic tiles, tiles for splashback, wall, panels and tables in painted ceramic tiles, and also contemporary art paintings on fabrics, ceramics, ...

as well as all my other creations in progress and to come.


Some old ceramics from the Atelier are sometimes sold on Ebay, at antique dealers, auction room .... I have no connection with these resales except that it is a former production of Atelier René RENAUD.